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Intensive: Innovation from the Inside – Accelerators and Incubators

This intensive will introduce students from Yale University and selected international academic institutions to the mindsets and frameworks used by innovative thinkers and practitioners who develop new ventures through cohorts of founders trained and supported through accelerators and incubators.

Group in full auditorium cheers during Demo Day event

Led by Matt Hooper, the first vice president of Open Innovation at the Barclays Investment Bank (check out Matt’s website and video reel), students will have a look at the landscape of private and public accelerators and incubators and the skill sets necessary to develop innovation from inside and outside of existing organizations. Students will also expand their international network through teamwork and will have the opportunity to present a final group project to a selected panel of global leaders and managers for final feedback and awards. Speakers for all sessions lead global institutions and organizations managing successful accelerator and incubator programs such as Techstars, MassChallenge, Y-Combinator, and more. The Intensive will consist of five group sessions between September 24 and November 12, 2021:


  • Session #1 - Do More Faster: Short-Term Programming For Long-Term Growth (Sep. 24 from 9-10am Eastern Time)
  • Session #2 - Ideas In Action: Incubation Vs. Acceleration (Oct. 19 from 9-10am Eastern Time)
  • Session #3 - When Goliath Seeks David’s Help: The Purpose of a Corporate Accelerator (Oct. 22 from 9-10am Eastern Time)
  • Session #4 - The Future of Education for The Future of Work (Nov. 5 from 9-10am Eastern Time)
  • Session 5: Demo Day: closing feedback loops with global practitioners (Nov.12 from 9-10am Eastern Time) ****
Note: Clocks in the US move back one hour on November 7.


All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. In addition to the synchronous sessions listed above, participating students will have access to asynchronous content and activities to distribute learning and encourage equitable participation.

This Innovation from the Inside Intensive is for you if:

  • You know that growing a young company requires multiple layers and types of support, connections and skill sets to be successful.
  • You’re considering to apply to an accelerator or incubator program and want to understand the exchanges of money, equity, and knowledge that occur under these venture growth models.
  • You dream of scaling up your idea, project or startup in a cohort-based environment that provides product or offering validation at the right time.
  • You’re on a mission to tackle a real-world problem and want to be heard and supported by an ecosystem of innovation. 


Program goals


We intend for the intensive to:

  • Train students to identify what makes an accelerator or incubator successful and how these new models of venture growth truly help early-stage ideas.
  • Provide students with multiple perspectives colliding in many growth development programs around issues of finance (equity, bootstrapping), idea ownership, product validation, exits, and more.
  • Showcase new formats, curriculum, and mentorship approaches used to manage accelerators and incubators to generate short and long term results


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