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Student Advisory Board

Student leadership has always been important to Tsai CITY, and our Student Advisory Board (SAB) is at the heart of this. The SAB brings together students from across Yale's campus to represent student voices. SAB members advise staff on Tsai CITY's programs and resources, offer feedback as Tsai CITY grows, and act as ambassadors for Tsai CITY within the broader student body. 

2022-2023 Student Advisory Board 


Ananya Asthana, Yale College 
Ethen Lund, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences/School of Engineering and Applied Science  
Sandra Temgoua, Yale College 


Yash Bhansali, Yale College
Isobel Campbell, Yale School of Environment/Yale School of Management
Benjamin Chen, Yale College
Kristine Ericson, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Miriam Huerta, Yale College
Evan Lee, Yale College
Kayla Matheus, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences/School of Engineering and Applied Science
Claudia Meng, Yale College
Jonathan Pierre, Yale College
Brendan Powers, Yale Divinity
Wei-Ting Shih, Yale College
Ryan Sutherland, Yale Medicine
Arden Yum, Yale College
Anna Zhang, Yale College