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Ambition to Action: Embedding Social Impact in Startup DNA

social impact startups

Companies wishing to both have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate and to mitigate any negative impact their companies might have on the communities they touch throughout their value chains should think seriously about how to incorporate social impact into company operations from day one. Social impact can come in many forms depending on the type of company and its core services and products. This is why it is critical to assess where your company has a footprint from the outset. This dynamic workshop will allow attendees to explore how various stakeholders within a company can both champion social impact internally and measure their social impact footprint as a business.

We will start the discussion with a short fireside chat between the workshop curator and a leader from the private sector social impact space to hear from experts on how social impact strategy is implemented and measured. We will then break the attendees down into different groupings so that they can work through different scenario prompts related to how various actors within a company can apply their functions to achieve social impact.


About the Speaker:

Annabel Lee McShane Bickford has over a decade of experience working at the intersection of business and human rights, ESG policy, sustainability strategy and international policy advocacy. She has expertise in policy analysis and strategy development at both the international and national level and has led policy engagement with numerous Fortune 500 companies, from the C-Suite to the working team level. She is currently the Senior Director of Private Sector Policy at Global Citizen, one of the world’s leading international advocacy organizations.