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Tsai CITY Faculty Director Ushers in New Year of Innovation at Yale

Located in the lower level of Davenport College and led by Anjelica Gonzalez, Tsai CITY Faculty Director and head of Davenport College, the Davenport Innovation Studio is a revamped activity space. Its goal is to offer workshops and mentorship opportunities to improve students' interdisciplinary professional skills. With a focus on student-led innovation, the studio is a place that fosters and motivates students to push their boundaries and explore their creative pursuits.

vdp session

Meet Tsai CITY's 2024 Spring Venture Development Program Teams

We're buzzing with excitement as we welcome 50+ dynamic teams to our Spring 2024 Venture Development Programs. Brace yourselves to meet the brilliant students and founders spearheading these groundbreaking ideas and ventures across diverse fields. Let the season of innovation begin!

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