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Green Innovation Lunch Deep Dive with Ariana Yuen, CEO Forested


Ariana Yuen, SOM’19 joins us for this lunch deep dive to provide insight on her entrepreneurial journey building Forested. Forested, an alum of Tsai CITY’s summer fellowship 2019 cohort, is on a mission to conserve the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems, starting in East Africa. They’re building an ingredient marketplace that connects some of the world's biggest brands like Lush Cosmetics to a growing network of regenerative ingredient producers. Their products and work have been featured by The New York Times, Bon Appetit, and Vogue and supported by Yale University, the World Economic Forum, Mulago Foundation, USAID, GIZ, Packard Foundation, among other partners.

The discussion will touch on the unique challenges of building and scaling biodiversity-focused startups, the business evolution of Forested and how they are building an end-to-end supply chain of premium forest-based products as well as Ariana’s learning being an Asian women entrepreneur. 

Green Innovation - Lunch Deep Dive is a discussion group bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to explore different aspects of green innovation over a delicious meal. The group meets monthly on a Thursday at noon for an informal but collaborative peer learning session. Register here.