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Startup Yale Prizes

The Startup Yale prizes are Yale's biggest entrepreneurship awards. Offering grants of up to $25,000, the prizes are designed to support world-changing ideas from Yale students. The prizes share a single application, and prize finalists compete in pitch-offs in a lively event each spring. The 2021 application deadline for all Startup Yale prizes is 11:59pm on March 21.

Several member centers of the Yale Entrepreneurship Collaborative offer prizes that focus on fields including sustainability, health, and education. Tsai CITY manages four prizes. Click on the name of each prize to learn more:

Miller Prize

The Miller Prize awards $25,000 to a promising student-led venture working on innovative tech or tech-enabled solutions.

New Haven Civic Innovation Prize

The New Haven Civic Innovation Prize awards up to $10,000 to the best student- or community-led venture or project focused on benefiting the City of New Haven.

Rothberg Catalyzer Prize @ Yale

This $15,000 cash prize is awarded by the Yale Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking to the best student-led venture focused on developing an innovative hardware and/or AI solution to a medical challenge.

Yale Innovators' Prize

The Yale Innovators’ Prize is a $15,000 cash prize awarded to the for-profit or non-profit startup that has the potential to produce the greatest impact (financially, socially, or otherwise). The Yale Innovators’ Prize is open to any project, campaign, solution, venture, or non-profit led by a current Yale student(s).