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Abby Winslow

As Director of Operations and Technology at Tsai CITY, Abby is excited to lend her entrepreneurial expertise to the center and Yale University. She is a long-time resident of New Haven, the greatest small city in America, and is deeply passionate about equity and inclusion in the Yale-New Haven community. With 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, she is steeped in food and hospitality culture. Abby has opened and operated more than 40 restaurants and legal entities, including Barcelona Restaurant in New Haven. After a stint at Johnson & Wales University’s Culinary Arts program, she completed a degree in Spanish and Women’s studies at Southern Connecticut State University, furthered by accounting courses at UConn. Abby speaks fluent Spanish as well as un petit peu de Français. A leader with over five years in higher education administration, Abby is motivated to launch people and ideas. She brings her commitment to fostering diversity, innovation, and collaboration to all her endeavors. Her areas of expertise include operations, accounting, events, and project and team management.