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Venture Development Keynote Speakers Series

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Upcoming events

  • 9/29, 10:30am-12pm - Mission and vision with Justin Silver: Insights about mission and vision from AAVRANI co-founder Justin Silver. (*The recording will be linked here soon.)
  • 10/6, 10:30am -12pm - How to Build Your Network with Frances Pollock (co-founder of the Midnight Oil Collective): Essential strategies to build a robust support network for your startup, whether it's finding co-founders, advisors, board members, or talented employees. (*The recording will be linked here soon.)
  • 10/13, 10:30am -12pm - From Ideas to Impact- How to Prototype at Every Stage: Join us for an enlightening talk by Joe Zinter on using prototyping to take your startup to the next level. (The recording will be linked here soon.)
  • 10/27, 10:30am -12pm - Legal Basics: Learn about the legal basics every founder needs to know, from entity formation to intellectual property, fundraising, board formation, and equity arrangements – gain crucial insights to safeguard and propel your venture to success. (The recording will be linked here soon.)
  • 11/03, 10:30am - 12pm - Funding your Startup: Join us for an engaging venture development panel for a discussion on startup funding.
  • 11/10, 10:30am - 12pm - Pitching with Olga BartnickiJoin us for this venture development speaker event to learn how to develop a pitch for your venture.