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Want to see what students are working on here? Explore student ventures, nonprofits, initiatives, and more created with support from Tsai CITY programs and funds. Meet our teams.

Aureline volcanic clay bar product


Aureline is a “clean” beauty brand, and the product line will underscore ingredients that are organic, food-grade and non-GMO.

View of laptop during virtual pitch by EcoPackables


This eco-friendly packaging company offers compostable packaging solutions for companies to use in shipping.

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This platform allows customers to search the inventory of all local stores to find the products they want and allows in-store customers to make deliveries to neighbors along their drive home, augmenting existing delivery options.

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This skincare product is a love letter to brown skin.



Ren is a sustainable tailor-fit women’s clothing company that offers wardrobe capsules or individual garments at competitive pricing.

Wiggle Room

Wiggle Room

Wiggle Room uses digital fabrication technologies and high-quality, sustainable materials to create playful, avant-garde, flat-packed furniture made in America.

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Bezet (“Occupied” in Dutch) is the credit-card sized solution to public restroom stalls that just won’t close and don’t have a hook for your bag or jacket. Made of durable materials, it fits in your wallet, then folds down to hold your things and keep the door closed.

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