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Want to see what students are working on here? Explore student ventures, nonprofits, initiatives, and more created with support from Tsai CITY programs and funds. Meet our teams.

Janelle Schmidt

Adaptive House

Re-envisioning a house for students to learn from and turn it into an adaptive reuse project.



The first space dedicated to the intersection of theatrical design and classical concert music.

Read to Lead

Read to Lead

Transforming education in Africa, with a focus on Liberia by giving children access to unprecedented resources.

View of laptop during virtual pitch by At School Today

At School Today

Parent-focused communication platform designed to improve the structure of learning in the home and to achieve better student outcomes.

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Decyphr aims to make academic research more accessible to everyone by creating and publishing distillations of research papers powered by human-in-the-loop AI solutions and a crowdsourced platform with a wiki UI.

Elevation Med Prep

Elevation Med Prep

Elevation Med Prep elevates medical school applicants from underrepresented, first-generation, and disadvantaged backgrounds by making admissions consulting accessible to everyone — regardless of their ability to pay.

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