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Meet our Fall 2019 Accelerator Cohort

Tsai CITY’s fall 2019 Accelerator is up and running, helping 14 student teams take their ideas to the next level. The cohort, selected from across Yale’s campus, includes teams working on a wide range of ventures, nonprofits, and other initiatives — students are hard at work prototyping products, launching social movements, finding paths to scale for existing platforms, and more.

Over the course of the semester, each team will receive $1000 in grant funding, connections to mentors and expert advice, and insights from a series of workshops and learning modules.

Meet our Fall 2019 Accelerator Cohort

Check out what students are building, and meet the team members participating in the Accelerator:

4 Beez International

Martine Bruno (YDS)

4 Beez International teaches a curriculum in sustainable living, fosters community building, and provides eco-alternative solutions for agriculture and energy.


Alberto Munoz Najar (SOM)

Andamia offers educational content in Spanish to support people and organizations' training needs in soft skills, through software that facilitates the implementation of collaborative digital workshops.

Carbon Canopy

Ben Christensen (FES)

Carbon Canopy aims to mitigate climate change and revitalize communities by restoring American tree cover.


Chiara Amisola (YC)

Developh is investing in youth-led innovation for social impact across developing countries through education and accelerator opportunities.

Grantas Cosmetics

Lillian Childress (FES)

Grantas plans to make cosmetics with natural ingredients in 100% biodegradable packaging.

Hallow, Inc.

Bryan Enriquez (SOM)

Hallow, Inc. is providing world-class contemplative and meditative audio guided prayer sessions through a smartphone application.


Cristina Bermudez (YC)

Hublete helps you find the best personal trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists, physical therapists, and more near you in less than two minutes.


Diana Toma (SOM) and Spandan Saha (SOM ’19)

Jollity will be a positivity-enhancing platform that bridges online social interactions with the real world using augmented reality — the Pokemon Go to fight negativity.


Phyllis Mugadza (YC) 

Juno will be a reusable menstrual hygiene product that contains a discharging mechanism and reduces dysmenorrhea.

Justice Impact Movement

Dieter Tejada, Mike Ogego (YC)

Justice Impact Movement aims to reform the criminal justice system by empowering justice-impacted individuals, breaking down the policy barriers that prevent them from contributing to the justice dialogue and giving them the tools to use their experiences to enact change.


Daria Kozeko (YC), Ryan Schiller (YC) 

The Librex team is designing a political discussion platform tailored to college students that will depict conversations in a constructive and intuitive ideas map.


Sydney Closs (YC), Megan Sardis (YC)

Through SNUGS, college students provide swim lessons free of charge to local special needs children as a safety imperative and community outreach initiative.

The Spinwheel

Elise Bullock (GSAS), Emily Kuhn (GSAS), Rebecca Lacroix (GSAS), Samantha Pagan (GSAS)

This wearable electronics device for STEM exploration is a gadget that will engage middle and high school students in science through fun and interactive lessons covering the basics of physics, engineering, and computer science, with the ultimate goal of encouraging these students to pursue their interest in higher STEM education.


Tiffany Leong (SOM)

Teaf plans to bring traditional Chinese medicinal superfoods to the Western market, starting with a ready-to-drink Chinese red date beverage that is sweet, refreshing, and full of vitamins and antioxidants.