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Innovation from the Inside: Listen to Tsai CITY's New Podcast

In a new podcast, access content from our Innovation from the Inside intensive as you learn how to create change within existing organizations.

View of phone playing Innovation from the Inside podcast

You might assume that business innovation is limited to Silicon Valley startups, and that entrepreneurs are the sole actors bringing new ideas to life, unbound by the habits and traditions of formal businesses. If that's your assumption, well...we’ve got some stories to share. Join Matt Hooper, intensive specialist at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale and the first vice president of Open Innovation at Barclays Investment Bank, to learn how to innovate within an existing organization, from identifying problems to navigating roadblocks. Accessing insights from a Yale program that brings together students from around the globe, you’ll hear business leaders share specific examples and lessons from their own journeys. If you want to reinvent your organization through intrapreneurship, this podcast is for you. Ready to learn the details to launch your dream?

Listen to the first episode, featuring Jeff Hoffman (co-founder, and Ilana Fass (US Fintech Platform Lead, Barclays), now: Listen on Spotify // Listen on Soundcloud