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Student Innovators: Michelle Badr, ReVEIL

Michelle Badr (Yale School of Architecture '20) has been involved with Tsai CITY in a variety of ways, including supporting Accelerator teams as an Innovation Advisor and carrying out independent projects. She describes her involvement with Tsai CITY as a helpful reminder of opportunities for engagement across disciplines. “People are doing really great things,” she says of the ideas she’s come across here, “and there are ways that designers or architects can be very relevant to those conversations.”

In this video, Michelle talks about how she sees innovation, how she's worked with Tsai CITY, and the process behind a recent exhibition project, titled ReVEIL. The project, supported in part by Tsai CITY through the Student Innovation Fund and the Critical Innovation Fund, "celebrates the subversive use of space that immigrants must enact in order to sustain their daily lives." Michelle's teammates on the project were Alexandra Pineda, Limy F. Rocha, and Brenna Thompson.