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Meet Tsai CITY's 2023 Fall Venture Development Teams

We're absolutely thrilled to welcome 42 diverse teams across multiple industries to Tsai CITY's Fall 2023 Venture Programs. Meet the students and founders behind these amazing ideas, projects, and ventures.

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We're thrilled to announce the selection of a diverse and promising set of teams for Tsai CITY's Fall 2023 Venture Development Programs. With a total of 42 teams spanning a multitude of industries—from healthcare and tech to sustainability and the arts—this semester's cohorts exemplify the breadth of innovation we take pride in helping to foster, and we're beyond excited to see these trailblazers transform their groundbreaking ideas into impactful ventures.

Accelerator teams

Grinning Cat Productions
Luis Gonzalez (YC '23), Daniel Blokh (YC '24), Jonas Kilga (YC '23)
Grinning Cat Productions aims to independently produce and distribute low-budget, high-concept documentary films showcasing underseen corners of the world in aesthetically innovative ways.

Oyebade Adepegba (SOM '24), Daniel Jayeoba
Guideli is solving the frustration immigrants face in navigating complex immigration processes and settlement hurdles in their new countries.

Tsikata Apenyo (SOM '24)
indieHealth is making healthcare easier to access and understand for college students.
Clara Guo (MED '24), Aleksandra Galaszewicz (SOM '24) bridges the patient-provider "data gap" by bringing data to clinical encounters and using AI-enabled predictions to personalize care.

Matcha Scrubs 
MiChaela Barker (SOM '24)
Matcha Scrubs is an inclusive scrub cap line that creates satin-lined scrub caps to protect all hair textures while celebrating cultural hairstyles and backgrounds in the healthcare world.

Jacopo Lazzarin (SOM '24), Rhys Hamilton-Davies (SOM '24)
Automated job platform specifically designed for business school students.

Rat Sound Productions 
Zoe Larkin (YC '24), Ella  Attell (YC '24)
Rat Sound Productions is a funny, feminist-forward production company that produces Gen-Z entertainment content.

Feli Oikonomopoulou (SOM '24)
Female-first app offering personalized financial education.

Win Number
Nicole Morrison (SOM '25)
Win Number combines advanced analytics and persuasion science to help progressive campaigns win.

Xiao Ming's Right Brain
Xinning Shao (YC '25)
Xiao Ming's Right Brain revitalizes the Chinese digital literary space by creating fun, inclusive, and accessible Chinese-language literature YouTube videos.

Advanced Founder teams

Carbon Loop
Perry Bakas (SOM '24), Harrison Meyer (YSE '24), Conor Rooney (Chemistry Ph.D. '24)
Carbon Loop creates a circular economy by converting CO2 emissions into liquid fuel and other high-value products.

James Licato (YC '25), Claire Chouinard (ENG '26) 
Catala offers catalytic membranes to decarbonize industrial water treatment.
Alexis Murat (SOM '24) create immersive and impactful virtual tours for multiple industries all around the globe through their franchisees.

Hybridex Biosciences
Jem Atillasoy (MED '24)
Hybridex Biosciences is developing the next generation of precision gene editing therapeutics.

Midnight Oil Collective
Frances Pollock (YSM '25), Allison Chu (YSM '25)
Midnight Oil Collective is a venture studio that partners with artists, helping them build and scale transmedia franchises that have the potential to create outsized financial returns. 

Sylvie Goldner (YC '25)
Spiel is the one-stop shop for reviews on everything. 

David Foster (YC ’24), Erik Boesen (YC ’24)
UMenus is connecting universities to their students through innovative dining apps. 

Launchpad teams

17o1 Records
Jackson Downey (YC '25), Tess Levy (YC '25)
17o1 Records is a record label dedicated to producing original music for Yale student artists.

Asset owners ready for climate change
Emil Moldovan (YSE '24)
Asset owners ready for climate change focuses on helping institutional asset owners prepare for climate investing.

Credo 99+
Andrew Liu (YSM '24)
Credo 99+ is an initiative aimed at rejuvenating and diversifying sacred choral music by showcasing and promoting works by young emerging composers.

Jingfei He (ARC '24)
Cuboids is dedicated to transforming web data into 3D, bridging the current internet with the next generation of virtual spaces.

Aidan Ng, Matthew Qiu (YC '25)
Discubble empowers the politically curious to engage through a dialogue-focused platform that facilitates policy education and informed perspective development.

Mason Abrell (YC '26), Sam Friedman (YC '26)
DRONe leverages crowd-sourced data to support relief efforts and supply chain recovery post-disaster.

EVident Battery
Jinqiang Ning (SOM '25)
EVident Battery reveals the truth value of EVs for buyers and sellers.

Andrea De Berardinis (GSAS '24), De Hua Wang
Habits is innovating socialization by sharing daily intentions through future planning.

Healthcare Company X
Miguel Agreda (SOM '25)
Healthcare Company X envisions a dynamic knowledge hub where healthcare ventures and major organizations converge to share knowledge and resources, uniting a diverse healthcare ecosystem.

Kaifeng  Wu (ARC '23), Xinran Li (YC '25)
Here! helps you discover messages from old and new friends in real-world places and partake in large-scale public discourses surrounding you in this new spatial social app focused on “here” instead of “now”.

Katharina Kuhn (SOM '24)
HobbyHop is like HelloFresh but for creative projects.

Jorrit Becking (YSE '24)
Malva-Energy connects landowners with renewable energy asset developers through a transparent auctioning platform.

Igor Faleichik (SOM '25), Makan Camara
Orion offers a DIY Telescope Kit to unlock the universe, fostering children's love for STEM.

Malcolm Cardona-Spence (SOM '24)
P.S. is on a mission to normalize the use of cannabis in professional spaces.

Wesley Wong (YC '24), James Park (YC '25)
Pantry is a convenience store network with online ordering and quick pickup inside buildings, providing low-commitment income for students.

Aarya Agarwal (YC '26), Sam Antonyan (YC '26), Nahom Seyoum (YC '26)
Prospinity empowers undergraduates with an income pooling system, offering collective security and shared success.

Astha Kiran  K C (SOM '24)
Ritual transforms daily showers into personalized oases of relaxation and convenience with an innovative shower experience customizer.

Yuqing Wu (GSAS '25)
SageSquare is a knowledge-sharing platform that fosters practical wisdom and enhances life.

Bradley Bennett (YC '26), Joshua Siegel (YC '26), Ayush Iyer (YC '26)
Salus is developing novel technology to identify and prevent elder abuse.

Nabeel Kassam (SOM '24)
SharePair pairs riders in similar locations heading to nearby destinations, allowing them to split the cost of rides while saving on ridesharing platforms.

The Period Equity Movement
Gabi Wiggill (PH '25)
The Period Equity Movement addresses environmental sustainability, academic learning loss, mental/physical health, and social justice through periods.

Tian Hai
Jane Xiang (SOM '25)
Tian Hai is an accessories brand that uses upcycled materials, reduces waste, and promotes sustainability. 

Toi & Moi
Melanie Fan (SOM '24)
Toi & Moi connects business school women worldwide through themed travels.

Aaron Cullen (YC '24)
Toile streamlines and automates the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) enrollment process for healthcare providers.

Sindhura Siddapureddy (YC '24), Johannes  Sieberer (YSE '28), Lily Behnke (YSE '27)
Wistheria aims to revolutionize the IUD insertion procedure using cutting-edge soft robotics technology to increase access, comfort, and desirability.

*If a venture listed requires changes or updates, please email Sean Plummer (Assistant Director of Digital Communications at Tsai CITY) at