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Meet Tsai CITY's 2024 Spring Venture Development Program Teams

We're buzzing with excitement as we welcome 50+ dynamic teams to our Spring 2024 Venture Development Programs. Brace yourselves to meet the brilliant students and founders spearheading these groundbreaking ideas and ventures across diverse fields. Let the season of innovation begin!

vdp session

Spring 2024 at Tsai CITY is buzzing with innovation! We're thrilled to announce the arrival of 50+ diverse and visionary teams for our Venture Development Programs. Covering a spectrum of industries, from healthcare to the arts, these teams embody the vast landscape of creativity and problem-solving. We're eagerly anticipating the transformative impact these students will make with their groundbreaking ideas. Get ready for a season of inspiration and breakthroughs.

Launchpad teams

Daemo' by Hydra Innovations
Jimmy Carter (YC '25), Srikar Godilla (YC ’24), Justin Carroll (YC ’25)
Daemo' streamlines email management by categorizing emails based on relationship dynamics, transforming email into a system as intuitive as instant messaging. 

BitPal AI
Linyong Nan (GSAS '24), Haoran Wang (YC '25)
BitPal AI is a platform offering AI Assistants for Enterprise Professionals, designed to efficiently handle complex workflows in seconds. 

Black Sea
Dominique James (LAW ’24)
Black Sea connects individuals to Black visual art through events, education, and a directory of art exhibits in major cities.

Lukas Bosch (SOM '24)
Bridge facilitates the integration of immigrants and refugees into the EU, starting with banking services in Germany.

Cadet Prosparette
Kalie Marsicano (SOM '24), Briana Franklin
Cadet Prosparette equips children and teens with financial literacy through engaging and gamified learning experiences.

Evan Gaj (SOM '25)
Celtrics specializes in engineering and project management, offering innovative design solutions and services for both government and private sectors.

Arinze Agu (SPH '25), Olivia Francis (SPH '25)
De-Stress offers an AI companion focused on enhancing mental well-being and productivity, aimed at helping students and professionals manage daily stress.

Clayton Barnes (GSAS '25)
Genepi provides a no-code data analysis platform tailored for the needs of scientists and engineers.

Nick Callegari (SOM '25)
IMPACT3D focuses on creating sustainable housing for the homeless through 3D printing technologies.

Aadi Krishna (YC '26)
IndiaRTI is the first AI-based platform offering a comprehensive repository and Wiki-style pages for Right to Information (RTI) queries.

Emilie Ma (YC '25), Shreya Kavuru (YC '25), Rhiannon Pailet (YC '25)
KampusMart serves as a comprehensive platform for buying and selling secondhand goods on campus.

MedCon (Medical Consumables)
Jeffrey Boateng  (SPH '24)
MedCon enhances healthcare delivery in Africa by streamlining the medical device supply chain, focusing on affordability and improved access.

Kyle Andruczk (YC '25)
Mimzie revolutionizes tutoring with its AI-powered mentor-matching system, connecting students with expert tutors for personalized academic guidance.

Mystic Game Labs
Mesut Sallah (ARC '25), Phil Kim (ARC '25)
Mystic Game Labs specializes in developing engaging VR games, currently focusing on an endless runner virtual reality game.

Sohi Patel (YC '27), Brooke Dunefsky (YC '26)
Organ develops a biorobotic wearable that autonomously regulates health by continuously monitoring biomarkers, vitals, and lifestyle factors.

Bhavishya Ghanta  (YC '25)
Potion crafts traditional Indian gin with unique botanicals and spices, offering both direct sales and seltzer options.

Priyanshu Pokhrel , Ranjan Poudel, Nikita Paudel (YC '25)
Pyari champions menstrual health transformation in Nepal, combining cultural reverence with innovative approaches, including education, sustainable products, and policy reform.

Youssef Ibrahim (YC '25), Yusuf Rasheed (YC '25)
SciLink is redefining how scientists interact with literature and manage research with its innovative research assistant tool.

Serene Minds
Autumn Banks (NUR '26)
Serene Minds focuses on integrating mind, body, and spirit for better mental health outcomes, combining dietary, exercise changes, and a mix of holistic and western medicine.

Braeden Cullen (YC '27), Faisal Patel (YC '27)
Spinertia introduces the world's first real-time wearable technology for spinal modeling.

Yukang Zeng (GSAS '25)
SyncChain is pioneering in AIGC-enhanced resource integration and human connectivity for public spaces.

The Party Planners
Adam Tang (YC '25)
The Party Planners offers a comprehensive platform for party planning, connecting planners with vendors and venues.

Eunjee  Koh (SOM '24), Maggie Boreham (SOM '24)
ThreadMap utilizes RFID technology to develop the digital infrastructure necessary for the future of circular fashion.

Youssef Ibrahim (YC '25), Giri Viswanathan (YC '25), Abel Geleta (YC '25)
UniHealth leverages the enthusiasm of college students to redefine global health efforts, focusing on accessible quality healthcare.

Blake  Robertson (SPH '24), Kiley Pratt (SPH '24)
Upkeep acts as a personal assistant platform specifically designed for family caregivers.

White Beetle Cool Roof Solutions
David Kilroy (SOM '25), Emily Lin (YSE '25)
White Beetle Cool Roof Solutions introduces Passive Radiative Cooling Paint, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing dependence on energy-intensive cooling solutions.

Y2K Psilocybin Services
Sydney Morrison (YC '25), Adriana Abad Castro (YC '25), Eduardo Castro Munoz (GSAS '29)
Y2K Psilocybin Services offers facilitation of psilocybin mushroom experiences, focusing on community healing and a cooperative structure.

Ruize Han 
Zentech empowers individuals to master their thoughts and own their brain for improved mental wellbeing. 


Accelerator teams

17o1 Records
Jackson Downey (YC '25), Tess Levy (YC '25)
17o1 Records is a record label that focuses on producing original music for Yale student artists.

DoubleVision Ventures
Griffin Wilson (YC '24), Skyler Wilson (YC '23), Marisa Shorrock (YC '24)
DoubleVision Ventures addresses challenges in parts procurement, distribution, and inventory management, focusing on obsolete and slow-moving inventory.

Mason Abrell (YC '25), Sam Friedman (YC '26)
DRONe utilizes crowd-sourced data to support relief efforts and supply chain recovery after disasters.

Vishnu Bharathram (YC '25) 
EnglishSeekho is a free app teaching spoken English to Hindi speakers, focusing on practical usage from day one.

EVident Battery Inc.
Jinqiang Ning (SOM '25), Wenbo Xiang (SOM '25), Chenwei Wu
EVident Battery Inc. enhances transparency and certainty in the post-sale electric vehicle market.

Hadiyah Cummings (LAW '24)
Lawyherloading serves as a dynamic resource hub and movement empowering diverse lawyers and challenging legal norms.

Christopher Sylvester (YC '26), David Bloom (YC '25), Katherine Sylvester 
Marksman aims to broaden understanding of the college admissions process globally.

Mudder AI
Nadia Ahmad (YSE '25)
Mudder AI focuses on data-powered coordination for resilient emergency response.

Northeast Forest Farmers Coalition
Karam Sheban (YSE '28), Walker Cammack
This coalition is driving the adoption of forest farming for both environmental benefits and profit in the Northeast United States.

Aarya Agarwal (YC '26), Sam Antonyan (YC '26), Nahom Seyoum (YC '26)
Prospinity empowers undergraduates with an income pooling system, offering collective security and shared success.

Whiskey Bravo
Benjamin Barkoff (YC '27), Rhia Gupta
Whiskey Bravo works to improve the lives of military families while teaching youth about service and leadership.

Xiao's Social Media
Xiao Xue (SOM '24)
Xiao's Social Media concentrates on course development for young people.

Advanced Founder teams

James Licato (YC '25), Claire Chouinard (ENG '26) 
Catala offers catalytic membranes to decarbonize industrial water treatment. 

Kaci Xie (YC '24)
Cimu aims to minimize returns for online fashion retailers by linking customers with local tailors for better fit.
Alexis Murat (SOM '24) create immersive and impactful virtual tours for multiple industries all around the globe through their franchisees.

Oyebade Adepegba (SOM '24), Daniel Jayeoba
Guideli is solving the frustration immigrants face in navigating complex immigration processes and settlement hurdles in their new countries.

Hybridex Biosciences
Jem Atillasoy (MED '24)
Hybridex Biosciences is developing the next generation of precision gene editing therapeutics.

Tsikata Apenyo (SOM '24)
indieHealth is making healthcare easier to access and understand for college students.
Clara Guo (MED '24), Aleksandra Galaszewicz (SOM '24) bridges the patient-provider "data gap" by bringing data to clinical encounters and using AI-enabled predictions to personalize care.

Matcha Scrubs 
MiChaela Barker (SOM '24)
Matcha Scrubs is an inclusive scrub cap line that creates satin-lined scrub caps to protect all hair textures while celebrating cultural hairstyles and backgrounds in the healthcare world.

Midnight Oil Collective
Frances Pollock (YSM '25), Allison Chu (GSAS '25)
Midnight Oil Collective is a venture studio that partners with artists, helping them build and scale transmedia franchises that have the potential to create outsized financial returns. 

Mindful Kala

Shruti Parthasarathy (YC '24)

Mindful Kala aims to empower teens through easily accessible intercultural education, support, and mind-body movement to be happier, healthier, and more resilient beings.

Jacopo Lazzarin (SOM '24), Rhys Hamilton-Davies (SOM '24)
Automated job platform specifically designed for business school students.

Oxylus Energy
Perry Bakas (SOM '24), Harrison Meyer (YSE '24)
Oxylus Energy focuses on low-temperature carbon sequestration, producing valuable byproducts.

Sylvie Goldner (YC '25)
Spiel is the one-stop shop for reviews on everything. 

Studio Heartbreak
Alice Mao (YC '24)
Studio Heartbreak is an internet-based animation studio that produces independent stories with intensive creative marketing strategies. 

David Foster (YC ’24), Erik Boesen (YC ’24)
UMenus is connecting universities to their students through innovative dining apps. 

Win Number
Nicole Morrison (SOM '25)
Win Number blends advanced analytics and persuasion science for progressive campaigns.

Rakel Tanibajeva (YC '25)
YouBio is a sustainable production company utilizing fungi for biodegradable packaging.

*If a venture listed requires changes or updates, please email Sean Plummer (Assistant Director of Digital Communications at Tsai CITY) at