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Student Funding Coordinator

Academic Year 2025


The Student Funding Coordinators will help lead and organize student funding decisions at Tsai CITY.

The Student Funding Coordinators will help process, analyze, and make decisions on student funding applications.

The ideal candidate is actively engaged in Tsai CITY and possesses an entrepreneurial spirit. This position is ideal for those who want to start their own venture in the future and/or build entrepreneurial ecosystems. 


Job Recommendations

  • Attend regular meetings with the Tsai CITY Innovation Fellow 
  • Facilitate weekly meetings with teammates and the Tsai CITY Director of Student Programming to make funding decisions
  • Complete bias training to help ensure equitable decision-making
  • Support and provide resources to students who have received funding
  • Communicate with students who have applied for funding
  • Collect and analyze data to ensure funding decisions are made equitably
  • Coordinate with Tsai CITY partners to help make funding opportunities more accessible to Yale students
  • Help lead pitch-off events internal to Yale and with other institutions