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Celebrating Creative Innovation at Startup Yale 2024

Startup Yale 2024 celebrated Yale and Greater New Haven's innovations with pitch-offs, informative sessions, networking opportunities, and panels on entrepreneurship and innovation. The event featured a keynote on monetizing attention and building successful short-form content businesses, and awarded prizes to outstanding entrepreneurial ventures across various fields. Keep reading to learn more.

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Pitching for Yes: How to Prepare for an Investor Meeting

If you're an entrepreneur preparing for your first investor meeting or about to begin fundraising, you may find pitching to investors a daunting task. So, what steps should you take to prepare for this critical stage in moving your venture towards a sustainable future?

three women posing with drills in hand

Frailty Myths Featured in SOM article "Fostering Partnership and Community at a Woodworking Workshop"

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity recently hosted an unusual team-building exercise: a woodworking workshop. Dana Carroll, a project specialist on the OID team, says the time spent with saws and drills helped cultivate team cohesion and challenge traditional power dynamics.

black woman being interviewed

Unmasking Systemic Racism in Venture Capital

Early-stage startups have a high risk of failure, leading venture capitalists to invest in the most convenient companies rather than the “best” ones. This leaves Black founders systemically blocked from receiving the capital they deserve. Here’s why it happens and how we can fix it.

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From Safe to Startup: An Unconventional Journey in Entrepreneurship

Every founder's story is unique, requiring hard work and commitment to evolve a creative spark into a venture. Kelsey Niehoff, SOM '24, a participant in the Tsai CITY Climate Innovation Intensive, shares her unique innovation journey and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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