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Zoe Hunter

Zoe Hunter joined the Tsai CITY team in August 2019 where she served as an Innovation Fellow and Director of Student Programming, before stepping into the role of Managing Director. During her time at Tsai CITY, she was responsible for overseeing the center’s venture development programs, the Student Advisory Board, Innovator’s Toolkit, and Innovator’s Wellness series. In her current role, she works collaboratively to lead programming, communications, and DEIB strategy for the center. 

Zoe has experience in student services, communications, resource development and community engagement—having served previously at Yale School of Nursing, Yale Divinity School, and United Way of Greater New Haven.

Beyond her work at Tsai CITY, Zoe is a Fellow for Davenport College and an Adjunct Professor for Quinnipiac University's School of Communications. She is also a certified life coach and the award-winning creator of women empowerment brand, DEAR QUEENS, founded to inspire women toward personal and spiritual development. 

Zoe is passionate about helping people become their best selves and creating lasting impact in the lives of others. She brings expertise that centers communications strategy, program design, and creative entrepreneurship. She is also passionate about emotional wellness, self-discovery, and purpose-driven living.