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Summer Fellowship

The Tsai CITY Summer Fellowship is a multi-week, full-time accelerator to incubate new companies, nonprofits, and initiatives. Building on ideas within a supportive environment, teams can go from sketch to launch by summer’s end. The fellowship includes $15,000 for each team, along with a rigorous sequence of workshops, sprints, mentorship, coaching, and pitch opportunities.


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Who should apply:

The Fellowship is open to all current, degree-seeking Yale students, both undergraduate and graduate. If you have an idea for a for-profit business, a social enterprise, a civic or arts start-up, a faith based organization, an app or tech startup, or a civic movement, we will help you design, refine, iterate on, and launch it. Starting something can be lonely and hard — so while we will happily accept applications from sole founders, we strongly encourage you to find some teammates to join you on your journey.

To participate in the Summer Fellowship, you should meet the following criteria:  

  • You have created a sustainable model for your venture and you:  
    • Have developed and executed a functional pilot.
    • Have active/paying customers or users.
    • Have filed for a patent, trademark, or copyrighted works.
  • You have an active digital presence (a website).
  • Your organization is established as a legal entity.
  • Key skills and knowledge are covered by the team (if you are tech or tech-enabled product/service, you have a technical co-founder).
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Meet Tsai CITY's 2020 Summer Fellowship Cohort

This summer, 11 student teams from diverse corners of the Yale campus — including undergraduates majoring in fields from the humanities to the sciences, public health researchers, and master’s students focusing on business and environmental management — will join Tsai CITY’s Summer Fellowship cohort.

What teams receive:

The Summer Fellowship program brings together a unique array of resources for innovators and entrepreneurs:

  • Accepted Fellows will join a community of like-minded peers, who will provide support and inspiration during the summer and beyond.

  • Each team will receive a $15,000 grant.

  • Fellows will access high-quality training in key areas like lean startup methods, design thinking, and adaptive leadership.

  • All Fellows will receive mentorship and advice from industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs on topics relevant to their projects.

Over the course of the summer, our highly skilled CITY team will work closely with you to offer tailored support — and we’ll be on hand throughout the program to provide advice, feedback, ideas, and more.

Application process:

The Summer Fellowship is part of a broader venture development pipeline at Tsai CITY: if your project is at an earlier stage, our Launch Pad or Accelerator may be a fit. The Launch Pad, Accelerator, and Summer Fellowship share a  common application. The spring/summer 2021 application deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday, February 14. 

Applicants who make it to the second round review will be invited to pitch their venture to our team of judges for final selection. These pitches will be held from March 17 to March 26. The Summer Fellowship will be virtual this year, and will start on June 1, 2021.

Want to preview the application before diving in? Download a PDF version.

Summer Fellowship Application.pdf