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Venture Project Associates

The Venture Project Associates Team is a team of students from Tsai CITY that can help grow or develop a part of your venture. Whether it's developing a brand guide, a new marketing strategy, or a new product, the Venture Project Associates Team can help!

The application process to become a Venture Project Associate for the 2022 Spring Semester has now ended. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates about this and other programs/events happening at Tsai CITY.

Storytelling with Spreadsheets Panel

Project proposals may be submitted by ventures that have participated in any venture development program or have received funding through the Student Milestone Fund/Student Catalyst Fund. All teams must include at least one full-time Yale student who is enrolled in a degree-granting program at the university.

Proposals can be submitted at any time throughout the academic year. Based on the proposals, projects will be scoped and put on a timeline that doesn’t not exceed 60 hours of total work by the Venture Project Specialists team. The amount of hours may be changed if there is additional capacity by the Venture Project Specialist team and both the venture and specialists determine that additional time would be beneficial to both parties.