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Meet Tsai CITY's 2021 Summer Fellowship Cohort

Tsai CITY is thrilled to welcome 15 student teams to our 2021 Summer Fellowship cohort.

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The Tsai CITY Summer Fellowship is a full-time accelerator designed for companies, nonprofits, and initiatives that have demonstrated traction and have developed sustainable models for their ventures. The fellowship provides a $15,000 grant for each team, along with a diverse array of workshops, mentoring resources, pitch opportunities, and more. 

This summer’s cohort brings together students from departments and schools across Yale, including management, music, architecture, and many more. Meet the 2021 cohort.


Alley Liang (SOM '21), Ming Li

Aureline combines the most common skincare needs with the best natural ingredient alternatives to create safe products good for skin and health. 


Sophia De Oliveira (YC '24), Nickolas De Oliveira

Balma seeks to develop innovative do-it-yourself public health education to help children understand their own diagnoses/others' diagnoses in an empowering manner and to facilitate a healthy conversation between parents/guardians and children, all while sparking scientific curiosity.

CtrlTrial Inc.

Guannan Gong (GSAS '24)

CtrlTrial provides Natural language processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) augmented software solutions to automate and improve the process of patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Elevation Med Prep

Brendan Adkinson (GSAS '25), Shane Sebastiao

Elevation Med Prep diversifies medicine. Their mission is to make medical school admissions consulting accessible to everyone—regardless of their ability to pay.


David Dellal (GSAS '24), Hector Castillo (GSAS '26), Mitch Guillaume

Floe is a Yale & MIT cleantech startup creating a smart, cost-effective, & environmentally-friendly solution to tackle the $9.5B of damages caused by ice dams.

Frailty Myths

Georgia Hirsty (SOM '22), Erinn Carter

Frailty Myths applies the proven effectiveness of experiential learning to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion programming by pairing hands-on skills with facilitated conversations in workshops that result in transformative changes in behavior and build the stepping stones to create a more just and enriching world in communities and the workplace.


Pranav Avasarala (YC '22), Andonny Garcia (YC '22)

Funbotics is a national non-profit organization that provides free hands-on robotics and STEM education to underprivileged youth aged 11-12 years old.


Jordon Rose (SOM '22)

Innerlytic is a social enterprise that partners with disenfranchised community members to co-create immersive, therapeutic learning programs that alleviate prejudice.


Rachel Laryea (GSAS '21)

Kelewele is a food service and cultural lifestyle brand reimagining plantains.

Midnight Oil Collective

Frances Pollock (MUSC '25), Edwin Joseph, 

Sola Fadiran

Midnight Oil Collective is a group of creators investing in creators, collectivizing resources and building a robust and stable community.


Winter Wilson (YSE '22), Neil Yeoh, Matthias Muehlbauer

OnePointFive is a B2B professional marketplace for high-talent, remote sustainability experts (supply-side) and organizations who have environmental business challenges that need to be solved for (demand-side).

PF Glucose

Rohan Ahluwalia (YC '24)

PF Glucose aims to offer diabetics a non-invasive glucose monitor that is painless, more convenient, cheaper, and accurate than alternatives on the market.

Qi Foods

Tiffany Leong (SOM '21)

Qi Foods aims to bring traditional East Asian superfoods to the mainstream Western market.


Betty Tang (SOM '22)

Upright makes direct-to-consumer, high-protein oatmilk available in liquid and instant form.

Wiggle Room

Levi Shaw-Faber (ARCH '22)

Wiggle Room uses digital fabrication technologies and high-quality, sustainable materials to create playful, avant-garde, flat-packed furniture made in America.

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*If a venture listed requires changes or updates, please reach out to Sean, Sr. Administrative Assistant at Tsai CITY, via email: .