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Meet Tsai CITY's 2022 Summer Fellowship Cohort

Tsai CITY is thrilled to welcome 13 student teams to our 2022 Summer Fellowship cohort.

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The Tsai CITY Summer Fellowship is a full-time accelerator designed for companies, nonprofits, and initiatives that have demonstrated traction and have developed sustainable models for their ventures. The fellowship provides a $15,000 grant for each team, along with a diverse array of workshops, mentoring resources, pitch opportunities, and more. 

This summer’s cohort brings together students from departments and schools across Yale, including management, music, and many more. Meet the 2022 cohort.

Xue (Steve) Liu, Zongjian He (GSAS '22)

Aspecta develops next-generation talent assessment technology to empower future recruiting.



Dana Joseph (SPH '22),  Newlyn Joseph, Adrian Joseph

Catalace is an oncology software platform that combines conventional AI algorithms with novel precision medicine data analytics to improve cancer detection.



Kaci Xie (YC '24)

Cimu helps fashion brands reduce wasteful returns by connecting consumers with clothing alterations with a mission to divert clothes from landfills.



Alex Holm (SOM '22)

Dalmatian is making Gen Z skincare fun and easy with innovative skincare patches that are both fashionable and functional.



Jae Zhong (SPH '23)

NüHer is a dynamic and culturally competent mental health solution and wellness community for women in the workplace.


Atma Leather

Jinali Mody (YSE '23)

Atma Leather focuses on manufacturing plant leather from mango peel and core waste (ensuring comparable quality to animal hide) and selling B2B to fashion houses, car manufacturers and others as we move towards more environmentally friendly, cruelty-free substitutes. 


Meego Inc

Mimi Chen (SOM '22)

We are an e-Bike company leading the electric micro-mobility revolution with a mission to create a net-zero emission world.


Mindful Kala 

Shruti Parthasarathy (YC '24)

Mindful Kala aims to empower teens through easily-accessible intercultural education, support, and mind-body movement to be happier, healthier, and more resilient beings. 


New Muses Project

Gloria Yin (MUS '22)

We incentivize classical musicians to research, perform, and support music by composers from historically marginalized backgrounds through an innovative and accessible website. 



Lacie Thorne (SOM '23)

Phigital is a proprietary API plugin that extends a brand's existing e-commerce platform into a resale marketplace.


 Functional Beauty

Greg Gatto (YC '22), Olivia Ghee

We create beautiful and functional products to enhance your home.



Archit Bagaria (SOM '23)

At Palete, our objective is to disrupt the unsustainable meat industry by driving affordable and innovative meat substitutes.


X Factor (formerly CountyShops) 

Greg Gatto (YC '22)

X Factor is a lacrosse athleisure brand. 


*If a venture listed requires changes or updates, please reach out to Sean, Sr. Administrative Assistant at Tsai CITY, via email: .