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Meet Tsai CITY's 2023 Summer Fellowship Cohort

Tsai CITY is thrilled to welcome 15 student teams to our 2023 Summer Fellowship cohort.

summer fellowship 2023 cohort

The Tsai CITY Summer Fellowship program is here. Designed to supercharge startups, nonprofits, and ground-breaking initiatives with an immersive summer program experience, SF23 will provide a $15,000 grant for each team, as well as empowering workshops, expert mentoring, pitch opportunities, and more. This summer’s cohort features 15 outstanding ventures from students across Yale. Meet the 2023 cohort.

Carbon Loop
Perry Bakas (SOM '24), Harrison Meyer (YSE '24), Conor Rooney (Chemistry Ph.D. '24)
Carbon Loop creates a circular economy by converting CO2 emissions into liquid fuel and other high-value products.

Chekhov’s Gum
Lillian Wenker (YC ’23), David Deruiter (YC ’24)
Chekhov’s Gum is a new work theatre and production company aimed at reestablishing the importance of live performance through rowdy comedy, experiments in form, and audience interaction for ourselves and a collective of artists.

Brendan Powers (DIV ’23), Oliver Creech (DIV ’24)
Corridor is an app that allows users to track the legislation they care about in both English and Spanish.

Elevation Med Prep
Brendan Adkinson (MED '23)
Elevation Med Prep elevates medical school applicants from underrepresented, first-generation, and disadvantaged backgrounds by making admissions consulting accessible to everyone — regardless of their ability to pay.

Freddy Freed 
Sophie Friedfeld-Gebaide (YSE '24)
Freddy Freed is a sustainable fashion startup out of the Yale School of Environment that uses innovative technology to mass-produce clothes without size tags that properly fit women's actual body dimensions and height. 

Timothy Skalaban (YPH '23)
HomySafe provides services and technologies to reduce contaminants in the home environment by utilizing the most advanced technologies, services, and research.

Karuna Foods
Shreshtha Jain (SOM ’23)
We make the world's first microbial protein-based dog food with the least carbon footprint, offering nourishment without any adverse effects.

Lots of Berries
Rakel Tanibajeva (YC '24)
Lots of Berries is an environment design company; currently focused on B-to-C upcycled high fashion clothing and transitioning into biomaterial manufacturing and production of accessories and textiles.

Renato Carregha (SOM ’23), Jorge Villalobos Lara, Marcos Cohen
NAOS is building a solution that will enable the 100M+ existing Latin American crypto users to have simple access to investments for products for seeking alpha.

Nora Draper (YC '24), Kiran Sampath (YC '23)
Pool is a two-sided marketplace for creative and ordinary tasks; it functions as a mobile app, connecting you to others within your community on a feed of requests and offers.

Jiayi Wang (SOM '24), Yusuf Doria
Building the listen-to-earn Patreon and AMEX for web3 musicians and super fans.

Spiel LLC
Sylvie Goldner (YC '25)
Spiel LLC is the first interactive review platform for friends to share recommendations, expand interests, and deepen relationships.

Studio Heartbreak
Alice Mao (YC '24)
Studio Heartbreak is an internet-based animation studio that produces independent stories with intensive creative marketing strategies. 

Tiger College Advising Team
Michael Sanchez (YC '23), Elizabeth Aguirre
TCAT offers free college advising to students from high-poverty high schools. Through our grassroots approach to college advising, we empower students to become leaders within their educational communities and beyond.

Yale Menus
David Foster (YC ’24), Erik Boesen (YC ’24)
Yale Menus provides 75% of undergrads with dining hall menus, schedules, and the ability to provide feedback, a feature set that the Yale Menus team plan to bring to other schools and expand into other verticals.

*If a venture listed requires changes or updates, please reach out to Sean, Assistant Director of Digital Communications at Tsai CITY, via email: .