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Spring Break Essentials: Top 8 Student Apps You Must Download

two women reading something on their phones

Spring break is the perfect time for students to relax, recharge, and have some fun. What better way to enhance your spring break experience than by downloading some useful apps? Whether you want to stay organized, boost your productivity, learn something new, or simply have some entertainment on hand, these 8 student apps, created by Yale innovators and creatives, are must-haves for your spring break:

  1. Spiel: Sylvie Goldner, YC ‘25
    An interactive review app to share your best recommendations with friends.
  2. Red, White, & Brown: Prerak Juthani ’22, MED ’22; Sofia Charania MED ’22
    Sofia and Prerak, two Desi-American millennials, cover the joys and struggles of being first-generation immigrants in the United States, from South Asian norms to the hilarious cultural memes.
  3. UMenus: David Foster, YC ‘24; Erik Boesen, YC ‘24
    Connecting universities to their students through innovative dining apps.
  4. Corridor x NYC: Brendan Powers, DIV ‘23
    The entire city council race in the palm of your hands
  5. WealthMeUp: Feli Oikonomopoulou, SOM ‘24
    Female-first app offering personalized financial education
  6. Pinterest: Ben Silberman, YC '03; Paul Sciarra, YC '03
    A visual bookmarking tool for saving and discovering creative ideas.
  7. Trello: Joel Spolsky, YC '91
    A visual collaboration tool that provides a shared perspective on any project.
  8. Twitch: Emmett Shear, YC ‘05; Justin Kan, YC ‘05; Kevin Lin, YC ‘04; Michael Seibel, YC ‘05
    A social video platform where gamers can broadcast, watch, and talk about video games.

Whether you're studying, exploring, or simply relaxing, these apps will enhance your experience and help you stay organized, productive, and entertained.

Happy spring break!