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Tsai CITY invites students, alumni, staff, faculty, friends, and community members to lend us your ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm to help build a center that inspires all students and builds meaningful opportunities to experiment, learn, and build solutions to real-world problems. Formal opportunities to join our team are listed below. 

Student Roles


All student roles share a common applicationLearn more about Yale student employment pay rates here


Program Coordinator - Innovator’s Toolkit 

8 hours/week | Academic Year 2022 

The Tsai CITY Program Coordinator will help lead the Innovator’s Toolkit at Tsai CITY. The Innovator’s Toolkit is a series of free workshops focused on key skills for innovation. 

The Program Coordinator for the Innovator’s Toolkit will ensure speakers are prepared before workshops, provide support during workshops, and gather feedback from attendees afterwards. The Program Coordinator is expected to attend every workshop. Workshops typically occur in the early evenings of Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  

The ideal candidate is actively engaged in Tsai CITY, is detail oriented, has some business and/or project management experience, and possesses an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Attend regular meetings with the Tsai CITY Innovation Fellow 
  • Communicate with speakers that are leading workshops
  • Gather feedback from attendees after each workshop
  • Provide support to workshop leaders during each workshop
  • Actively participate in workshops when needed


Venture Project Specialist Team - Project Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Design Specialist, or Product Development Specialist    

8 hours/week | Academic Year 2022 

The Tsai CITY Venture Project Specialist team will work on projects from developed Tsai CITY ventures. Projects may include, but are not limited to, digital marketing campaigns, product development, or brand guidelines creation.

15 students will be hired to participate as a Venture Project Specialist (VPS). Each VPS will have a designated role on the team so that they may focus on an area they want to gain knowledge and experience in. 

Venture Project Specialists are a great way for students to explore what it’s like to join an early stage venture, work as a freelancer, and what types of ventures they enjoy working with.

Ideal candidates have an interest in a particular speciality (Project Management, Marketing, Design, or Product Development) and in early stage ventures. Preferred skills and experiences include social media management, software development, graphic design, and project management.

  • Attend regular meetings with the Venture Project Specialist Team
  • Communicate with team members in-person and through digital platforms such as Slack and Trello
  • Create project plans and execute those plans in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with other team members of the Venture Project Specialist team. 


Program Coordinator  - Hub and Spoke

8 hours/week | Fall 2021

Hub and Spoke Program Coordinator will help design and facilitate the Hub and Spoke Intensive. Our project targets in the Fall semester are researching and data mapping economic and resource divides in New Haven, partnering with a local arts space to exhibit and create discussion around the visualized data, and partnering with community leaders or local orgs for workshops and talks. Collective decision making, flexibility, adaptability, and on-the-spot problem solving are a priorities.

  • High level of organization
  • coordinating participant activities
  • interest and experience in community building
  • Interest in learning about and exploring New Haven