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Venture Development Programs


Launch Pad

The Tsai CITY Launch Pad is designed to take early-stage founders to the next level with their ventures through asynchronous and synchronous teachings that can be immediately applied to your venture. It creates a safe space for like-minded innovators to reflect on what they have learned so far and to make additional progress on their ideas. For more information about the Launch Pad Program, click here.



Tsai CITY’s Accelerator, which runs every fall and spring semester, guides students and teams with innovative ideas through the process of building effective organizations, projects, and ventures through workshops, mentorship, and funding. The Accelerator provides an enriching learning opportunity for students with innovative ideas. For more information about the Accelerator Program, click here.


Summer Fellowship 

Amplify your venture: The Tsai CITY Summer Fellowship is a multi-week, full-time accelerator to incubate new companies, nonprofits, and initiatives. The fellowship includes $15,000 for each team, along with a rigorous sequence of workshops, sprints, mentorship, coaching, and pitch opportunities. For more information about the Summer Fellowship Program, click here.


Advanced Founders

The Advanced Founders program is an advanced student founder program at Tsai CITY.  Founders will have the chance to interact with a community of peers and mentors to gain valuable insight into growing their established ventures and developing as leaders. For more information about the Advanced Founders program, click here.